The Law Offices of Wang & Wang


With offices in Taipei, San Francisco and Shanghai, the law firm Wang & Wang serves clients with business assets and intellectual property interests worldwide.  Our attorneys work to prevent and resolve business disputes, both domestically and internationally, by employing creative approaches that respond to the competitive business models and budget limitations of our clients.

Our intellectual property practice focuses on rights acquisition and protection matters in China and Taiwan.  We assist our clients in the procurement of copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and also handle patent and trademark registration and opposition, as well as domain name registration.  In the interest of protecting our clients' IP assets and trade secrets, we offer advice regarding licenses, assignments, and investments, along with means for protecting against unfair competition under local law.

As part of our investment law practice, our attorneys counsel clients who seek to establish new businesses and offices or acquire existing enterprises abroad, including joint ventures and wholly-owned subsidiaries.  We assist in documenting and registering asset and share purchases, and facilitate the due diligence required to evaluate such transactions.  Also, we advise our clients on local restrictions affecting their businesses.

Wang & Wang represents clients in New York and California in business litigation involving contract disputes, employment, banking, and finance issues.  We succeed in these actions because our North American, Taiwan, and China offices work closely together, performing round-the-clock services at optimum efficiency for our clients.  Because our practice is subject to U.S. rules of professional conduct, our clients are afforded protections not available in Taiwan or China, such as attorney-client privilege and real regard for conflict of interest concerns.

At Wang & Wang, we aim to provide impeccable legal service to every business that we represent.  We look forward to working with you and your company.