Doing Business in Taiwan


Wang & Wang handles a wide variety of investment, corporate, business transactions, intellectual property licensing, software licensing and distribution matters related to doing businesses in Taiwan. We have bilingual attorneys with years of experience and strong expertise in U.S. Law, Taiwan Law and International Law in these practice areas

I. Foreign Investment

A foreign company may invest in Taiwan through purchasing shares of a Taiwan company or establishing a joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary, branch office or representative office in Taiwan. There are different corporate forms. The Limited Company and the Company Limited By Shares are the forms most often employed by foreign companies, as they provide the greatest protection from liability. Unlike a domestic company, a foreign invested company must comply with the Foreign Investment Statute, and must obtain approval from the Foreign Investment Commission prior to investing. The general procedures for investment in Taiwan include approval for foreign investment, corporate registration, business registration and other procedures as required by law.

II. Corporate/Business Transactions

The firm handles general corporate matters, including incorporation (amendments, change of directors, capital increase) and registration, corporate restructure, merger & acquisition, sale of major assets or businesses, stock listings, stock option plans and employment issues.

We handle general business transactions, including sales, services, asset transfer, intellectual property and technology licensing, leasing, banking and e-commerce-related transactions.

III. Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing

The firm specializes in intellectual property and technology licensing matters, including licensing of patent, know-how, trademark, copyright, software and other intellectual properties.